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Who We Are

We are the result of Strategy + Design + Marketing = An Integrated Approach

As Seth Godin says in his book ‘Purple Cow’ – You have to be truly remarkable to stand out of the crowd. What makes us truly Purple and stand out is that we are extreme problem solvers and take an innovative approach with every project! It means, everyone is free to experiment and push their boundaries to create that ‘wow’ factor in the area they love. We come together to ignite ideas, explore new venues and most importantly, bring long-term value to our clients.
With partnerships that are decade old and run across continents, we are happy to be part of our clients’ journey from start to success.
We are lean which allows us to adapt to the dynamic environment and to interact closely with our clients, understanding their design and online marketing needs better.

Our Skills
Online-Strategy - 99%
Content-Marketing/ - 90%
Social-Media-Optimisation - 95%
Search-Engine-Optimization - 93%
Design & Development- 96%
ChatBot & AI- 93%

Director’s Desk



Starting her career as a design consultant in 2008, in Fremont California, Suchi has evolved into a digital marketing and design expert over the last decade.

She portrays Multi-disciplinary skill set in Digital & Social Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Activation, Product Launch, Campaign Creation, Storytelling and User Engagement. Her forte is in developing and implementing a multi-channel approach to create a powerful brand presence and drive action from the target audience. A creative solution finder she strives to define, build and deliver SMART BRANDS, effectively.

With nearly eight plus years of tenure at PDS, Suchi has established her forte in building online strategies for both B2B and B2C markets. During her initial days at PDS, she developed a unique ‘Global Hybrid Model’ for marketing and design services with her U.S. alliance AP42 and delivered 500+ projects for Silicon Valley Bank, A Fortune 500 Company. Suchi’s strength includes creating innovative strategies for process & methodology Development, relationship building, employee development, and creating an environment of success for those around her.


Our organisation has had the pleasure of being associated with PDS, one of the finest digital advertising and designing agency of India for the past 6 months. PDS has helped us reinvent and derive the maximum value from our brand offerings and have helped us create a loyal and very active fan base across the social channels. PDS provided us with a 360-degree solution to all our advertising requirements and conceptualized certain tailor made user base campaigns, which put competitors in a tizzy.
madhav_unocalMadhav RajgardhiaDirector, Raaj Unocal Lubricants Limited. A Rajgarhia Group Enterprise.
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