Case Study


ClassHop is a one-stop mobile application that is meant to revolutionize the health industry. A monthly membership of ClassHop will give you the option to search and reserve group fitness classes and facilities in the best gyms and boutique fitness studios in town, making sure you have full control over where and when you exercise, without disturbing your daily schedule. These activities include dance (zumba, salsa, jazz, bollywood, hip-hop), yoga, aerobics, strength training, crossfit, kickboxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), spinning, etc.

Why Approached:

Classhop approached us with a problem in their existing ad campaign wherein all the money got exhausted without yielding any results. We analyzed Classhop’s current website, Google Analytics and Ad Reports and came to the conclusion that the basic targeting in ads was incorrect and basic search engine optimization of the website was also lacking. This gave us a path to correct the digital marketing strategy for them.

Classhop had 3 primary objectives:

  • To create brand buzz
  • To get sign-ups and subscriptions from the website
  • To get app-installs for the new App

Solution Proposed:

In the initial phase, we studied their entire application, concept and the audience which helped us come down to a plan that was well designed according to their goals. We proposed them a digital advertising plan which had the following activities in it:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Google and Facebook Ads for creating brand buzz
  • Advertisements for app installs
  • User-Generated Content

We optimized their website to best standards so that it becomes a major asset for upcoming Ad campaign. A comprehensive SEO on-page activity was done upfront to optimize and position the website for analytic tracking, getting quality leads and measuring conversions.

Digital Advertising

The main objective of the campaign for Classhop was to get downloads. In order to do so, we divided the strategy in two parts:

  • Testing phase
  • Conversion phase

This included the following channels:

Facebook – These ads were targeted to people who had shown an interest in fitness, dancing and other relevant activities. These ads would appear in the news feed of the Facebook users.

Google Adwords – These were text based ads where people when searched for a query related to fitness apps, they saw these ads in the ads section in Google search results right at the top. Once they clicked, they would be taken to the PlayStore page of the app.

Google Display Network Ads – These were image and text based ads of various sizes (specified by Google) that were be shown on Google partnered websites (relayed to fitness, dancing, gymming etc.). Once a user clicked on these, s/he would go to the PlayStore link of the app.

Admobs – These ads were displayed in other relevant apps as banner, interstitial and other forms. Once a user clicked on these ads, he would be taken to the PlayStore from where s/he can download the app.

YouTube Advertisement – These ads were being shown on YouTube as in stream ads (ads that come before the videos).

Instagram – These ads would be shown to Instagram users in their post feed. Once a person clicks on these ads, s/he would be taken to the PlayStore.

Universal App campaign – These were a mixed bag of ads offered by Google where we entered our best 4 lines and based on the best possible results, these 4 text lines were used to drive installs on Search results as well as Display network.

The results during the Testing phase

Google Adwords showed the best results at 23.9% conversion rate (people who installed the app/people who clicked on the ad expressed as %), followed by Univerall app campaign (12.24%). Admobs showed a modest conversion of 5.44% while Facebook showed a conversion rate of 4.45%. Rest of the channels did not do well.

Conversion phase

In the conversion phase, we ran ads on successful channels and improved the ROI, thus again filtering out the best possible channel from them and then pump in more money to get the best result.

End Result:

Our simplified approach and well-defined methodology helped them in aligning all their web properties to work seamlessly with each other. The UI for their app and website was considerably simplified which resulted in a better user experience. In overall, we picked up the scattered pieces of their marketing cycle and aligned them together with our expertise and skill set to reap better results.

It is an on-going project so the end-result cannot be determined right now.

Our organisation has had the pleasure of being associated with PDS, one of the finest digital advertising and designing agency of for the past 6 months. PDS has helped us reinvent and derive the maximum value from our brand offerings and have helped us create a loyal and very active fan base across the social channels. PDS provided us with a 360-degree solution to all our advertising requirements and conceptualized certain tailor made user base campaigns, which put competitors in a tizzy.
madhav_unocalMadhav RajgardhiaDirector, Raaj Unocal Lubricants Limited. A Rajgarhia Group Enterprise.