Case Study


Shuttl is one of the most promising start ups of recent times, that has revolutionized office commuter solution in Delhi NCR area.  Now, you all can enjoy a comfortable AC ride at just Rs. 50 anywhere in Delhi-NCR. It has become a preferred means of transport for long distance commuters. But it faces a tough competition from local metro and other aggregators.

Why We Were Approached?

Shuttl’s online marketing team has been running paid advertising campaigns to continuously attract right target audience and build the brand buzz. The challenge was – A very high CPC cost that was driving up the conversion cost and finally the total spend of Ads budget per month.

Their targeted audience are working professionals, college students, and long distance commuters. PDS worked with Shuttl team to analyse and decode the existing campaigns and come up with a unique solution-driven approach towards all campaigns to drive higher number of conversions and control the cost.

Proposed Solution:

Initially, we monitored their Ads campaign and took a dive into their search console at the same time. After analysing the necessary facts, we prepared a customized strategy to use the complete budget smartly so that we can reduce their cost per conversion and utilise the same ad budget in a smarter way.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Our proposed solution focused on:

  • Smart Budget Planning
  • Decrease the Cost per Conversion
  • Improve Traffic from the Right Audience
  • Increase in App Installs and Subscriptions

We corrected and improved the existing Adwords campaigns and introduced new ones, each with a specific goal. We worked on multiple business verticals – Shuttl Rentals, Rides, Admin Operators to drive quality leads to the team.

End Result:

Our smart Adwords strategy, continuous intervention and customised plan helped use the Ad budget creatively for different campaigns. We can already see a remarkable increase in conversions per month and reduction in overall monthly budget. See the below key metrics that show the results achieved at the end of two months:

  1. A 20% increase in number of leads per month.
  2. An overall 25% decrease in Ads budget after two month activity.
  3. Overall controlling of cost per conversion and achievement of high quality conversions.

This project is still ongoing and we are committed to continue and deliver those results.

Our organisation has had the pleasure of being associated with PDS, one of the finest digital advertising and designing agency of for the past 6 months. PDS has helped us reinvent and derive the maximum value from our brand offerings and have helped us create a loyal and very active fan base across the social channels. PDS provided us with a 360-degree solution to all our advertising requirements and conceptualized certain tailor made user base campaigns, which put competitors in a tizzy.
madhav_unocalMadhav RajgardhiaDirector, Raaj Unocal Lubricants Limited. A Rajgarhia Group Enterprise.