Case Study


Raaj Unocal Lubricants Limited is the flagship company of the Rajgarhia Group of Enterprises that has diversified interests in petroleum, pharmaceutical, steel, abrasives, automobiles, paper, finance & leasing and warehousing. They were the first Private Player in the lubricant Industry and in 1990 established the lubricant manufacturing unit under a technical collaboration with The Union Oil Company of California (USA), a Fortune 500 company. The company has a rich experience of blending for premium MNC brands such as SERVO of n Oil Corporation, Total Fina of Elf, ExxonMobil, etc.

Why Approached:

Unocal 76 approached us for re-aligning their existing web properties for stronger brand experience and to activate new and relevant online advertisement channels for recall. This included work on the website, social channels, PR activity, advertisement and BTL. The goal of the marketing activity was:

  • To spread brand buzz before the upcoming AutoExpo2016
  • To create an impact among individuals, automobile enthusiasts, biker groups, rally car groups, etc. for the launch of their synthetic oils.

Solution Proposed:

The initial phase included:

  • Audience analysis to locate target groups in the market
  • Comprehensive keyword research to fuel the campaigns
  • Search engine optimization to drive conversions

The immediate next step for us was to optimize the website before starting any campaign. While our development team was working on the SEO on-page optimization guidelines as per our “All Points SEO Checklist”, we crafted our advertising and creative brief.


In order to prepare for the upcoming AutoExpo, we analyzed the data collected by us previously during the testing period of ads.

Our next step was to advertise for Unocal 76 keeping in mind the below given end purposes:

  • To create brand buzz
  • To invite potential leads from individuals and others

In order to achieve the above mentioned targets, we chose two platforms for advertisement:

  • Facebook Ads (Sponsored Posts and Page Likes)
  • Google Adwords

Facebook ads helped us build a community for Unocal through their company page with a potential audience. The ‘page like’ campaign was planned to keep running while the project lasts to keep increasing the fan base gradually. On the other hand, the sponsored posts were majorly used for promoting campaigns on the Facebook page. The right balance of these ads helped us create a large community of active and engaging audience on our Facebook page.

The Google Adwords were primarily used to generate leads. The Ads under this category are costly but the quality of leads is always much higher than any other platform. The SEO base that we created initially through optimization helped us retain the effect of ads on web pages. In a short period of time, we were able to stabilize all their web properties and started seeing a positive impact.

End Result:

Our strategic and meticulous approach at each step has increased the overall traffic on their web properties, created a dedicated community of 23,000+ fans and initiated conversations around the brand in forums and groups. Our SEO foundation optimized the ads and generated the leads that were qualified. The 360 degree approach helped them get potential leads and inquiries from potential distributors across the country.

Unocal 76 has come out to be the most talked about brand in Team BHP, a proprietary forum for automobile industry. The auto expo saw a huge footfall of traffic and enquiries around the new line of synthetic products.

Suchi has a great eye for detail, and knows the art of creating a balanced solution with a high price performance ratio. In many instances, she went beyond the contracted scope of work, only to create an everlasting impression on my team and myself. She is also backed by a wonderful team of highly skilled professionals, who go the extra mile when needed.
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