Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not only about design and delivery…

A successful email marketing
campaign requires:

>> Strategy & planning
A step-by-step approach starting with planning of events,
brainstorming ideas and gathering authentic contacts builds
a strong path ahead.
>> Powerful copy & design
An attractive subject line can be a real game changer and has
potential to double the results
>> Landing pages & leads funnel
The goal should be to attract qualified leads into an active marketing funnel.
>> Drip campaign and nurturing
Personalized email and fast auto-responders can close the
gap between a lead and conversion.

Client – Myca Learning

A twelve-month campaign creating value-add assets for their target audience,
delivered consistent high quality leads

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Suchi has a great eye for detail, and knows the art of creating a balanced solution with a high price performance ratio. In many instances, she went beyond the contracted scope of work, only to create an everlasting impression on my team and myself. She is also backed by a wonderful team of highly skilled professionals, who go the extra mile when needed.
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