Online Strategy


Campaign, Audience And Technology – these are the three most important pillars of an online campaign. In this digital era, almost every business has a presence online. Be it website, blog, social media pages or mobile applications. However, it is worth only when your customers are finding you, engaging with you and in return you are able to show ROI on that investment. Your online strategy is one of the most crucial element of a successful digital marketing campaign.

From Leads To Conversions – It’s An Exciting Journey

In the current online marketplace, buying decisions are mostly driven by conversations. We help your brand to be part of relevant conversation. To cross the journey from conversations to leads to conversions, PDS works in three phases.


With a right content strategy based on unique and strong idea that is derived through user-behaviour analysis, we brainstorm ideas and come up with compelling stories that will connect.


We weave the solution in terms of articles, press release, ads, infographics, GIFs, Video, White Paper, Newletter, and E-books. We create and curate the content that becomes the backbone of our marketing efforts.


With the constantly growing network of influencers, and right digital & social channels, we make your content reach the people for who it is meant for, making it most relevant and actionable.

Performance Tracking and Measurements

We love tracking and monitoring the performance of our work to deliver on the promised numbers. At the same time we optimize the content and campaign with the agility to make sure every single effort makes sense and drives result. The process is on-going because it is really very important to stay ahead of competitors and stand active in the current market.


We are confident that working with us will help you to beat the competition and keep your campaigns result-oriented always.