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Do you know who are your online customers? What drives their buying decisions today? Or what intrigues them and results in the ultimate action from them?

To find answers to these questions, our strategists come up with game-changing insights rooted in consumer behavior. Based on these insights, we create progressive ideas, translating them into engaging and experiential marketing campaigns that  leave a lasting impact.

Bridging a gap between creativity and technology, we come up with ingenious digital marketing strategies to help businesses navigate multiple platforms and channels, creating an online ecosystem for their brands through:

Paid – Enables a smart, strategic management of ads with continuous monitoring.
Owned – Develops user friendly, informative & responsive brand experience organically.
Earned – Make your customers do the talking for you. Direct conversations affect buying decisions.
Social – Effective at building brand resonance and getting a campaign viral.

We are a user-centric design studio, based in Gurgaon, India, offering a full suite of cutting-edge responsive and designs across multiple platforms. Our interactive designers and art directors come together to deliver a fusion of design experiences, and creative solutions, always pushing the edge of digital expression. Through smart convergence of art and science, our multidisciplinary team create unique, insightful solutions to your design problems.

We believe that a good design becomes great when it touches human lives. So we don’t just create designs; we create meaningful brand experience that touches people’s lives and tell their brand’s story. Our design ideas are inspired by culture, consumer passions and conversations.

And no matter what we do – From designing product packaging to event collaterals; creating powerpoint presentations to infographics – We build and maintain a cohesive brand experience that resonates with the brand’s voice and value. We don’t just focus on ideas, we believe in turning them into remarkable results. Through a 24-hour turnaround cycle, we deliver every project in budget, on time and right on mark every single time.


As the digital landscape continues to evolve and granulate, one question that every business is asking but almost no one has an answer to, is how to cut the noise and reach the audience?

To thrive in today’s digital landscape, it is absolutely essential to be part of the conversation that matters most to your consumers. Our interactive and social endeavors revolve around enriching those conversations, unlocking new revenue streams and giving unrivalled competitive advantage to businesses. This encompasses posting social ads, crafting banners, running FB contests, creating social landing pages or building a brand on live communities. As a social media agency, our forte is b2b social media management wherein we become a creative partner to our client and work intensively on adaptive and interactive brand building through platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

At PDS we believe the world is made of inspiring people and their stories. Following this philosophy, we create social media campaigns with meaningful interactivity. When you keep the customers at the heart of your strategy, they reach out and share your brand stories across multiple touch points, becoming your advocates.

Our organisation has had the pleasure of being associated with PDS, one of the finest digital advertising and designing agency of India for the past 6 months. PDS has helped us reinvent and derive the maximum value from our brand offerings and have helped us create a loyal and very active fan base across the social channels. PDS provided us with a 360-degree solution to all our advertising requirements and conceptualized certain tailor made user base campaigns, which put competitors in a tizzy.
madhav_unocalMadhav RajgardhiaDirector, Raaj Unocal Lubricants Limited. A Rajgarhia Group Enterprise.