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Pay Per Click -

A sniper approach to online advertising …

Looking for advertising services for today’s online platforms? Sitting at the top position for specific keyword results on search engines is not too difficult when you have expert hands guiding you. At Pure Design Solution, we always believe in providing quality leads through our intelligence audience tracking system.

We build methodologies for stronger insights, smart utilisation of clients budget & focused targeting to provide you the most tangible and realistic results that matter. When we say the best services, we really mean it. All of our Pay Per Click results are based on deep research of industry verticals, business models, keyword analysis and testing, and of course finding the long tail keywords that are less expensive yet deliver higher ROI. 

We are Problem Solvers….

You may have a question – why hire an outside agency for Pay Per Click advertising when you can do it in-house. It’s just because, only an expert can invest your advertising budget in a smarter way so that you can get maximum output in minimum budget.

We hightly focus on initial research and ground work, strong messaging, and all the necessary stuff required for a specific business to outshine his competitors and big players in the market.

As we are passionate to earn 100% client satisfaction, we always follow the correct way of Pay Per Click advertising starting from the very basic to the most advanced approaches.

Not an Agency, But a Valued Partner

Our Google Ads certified Experts make sure that the traffic that’s coming to your website is converting and doing what it is supposed to do. We take care that your money makes worth to you. Instead of driving on useless traffic, we focus on the real targets.

Our attention is completely directed towards getting high quality leads, higher conversions through all search mediums like Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Facebook Pay Per Click advertising.


Our key differentiators are:

  1. Complete transperancy in the process and results to the clients.
  2. Continuous monitoring of insights and reports to take an agile action.
  3. We crunch the numbers but believe in the power of leveraging creativity even in Advertising process.

We can be your most trusted Google Adwords Partner as well. Send Your Query to any or all of the services.

Google Adwords Management

      Competitor Analysis
      Keyword Research
      Search Advertisements
      Display Ads
      Conversion Optimisation
      Google Analytics

Facebook Advertisement

      Campaign Setup
      Products ads
      Post Promotion
      Baneer, Gif, Video Ads
      Page Setup

To get the best pricing on Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebbok and other search mediums.